3dom Art

About Us

What is 3dom Art?

Is a fledgling common-unity of creative individuals exploring the possibilities of art channelled and expressed through a philosophical and spiritual framework called Dialectical Monism. 

Teleologically speaking Life, freedom and goodness are the goals of each of the domains academically referred too as the objective, subjective and intersubjective aspects of a worldview. 3dom is first and foremost therefore a worldview which recognises these 3 domains as having a living, organic and spiritual interdependence driven and sustained by a dialectic cosmic principle. It is the instrumental cause through which the absolute nondual Creator creates. The pattern of creation is a process that sees a metabolisation of emptiness and fulness, or stillness and expression.  It affords a freedom that gives rise to intuitive and insightful activity.. All 'good' creativity therefore derives from the phasal interplay of these two things.     

Through conscious awareness all human beings have the capacity to be free and to be at one with the divine source. From this experience the  expansiveness of consciousness is realised and creativity begins. We seek therefore to become channels for the divine expression with the conviction that the value of art is measurable only by it's accord with the Oneness, Harmony and Love that characterises the absolute nondual source within.