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    2014 3D Christmas Saver by 3dom Arts.


  • Classical Analogue Clock & Date display
  • Musically Synchronised Christmas tree lights (which can enabled or disabled)
  • 3d Reflection & Rippling effects
  • Randomly generated Crystal particle effects
  • Free "Away with a Manger" instrumental MP3 music rendition by music artist Kyla. Add your own MP3s for saver to run in squential order or randomly.
  • Spirited Christmas quotes that capture the spirit and essence of this Festive ocassion. Plus you can add your own personalised quotes which can be run in sequential order or randomly generated by the saver.
  • Realife candle flames
  • Add your own backgrounds and order them sequentially or randomly generated by the saver.
  • Smooth Background fade transitions
  • Timer (in seconds) customuisable for Background image and quote transitions.