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Have a Happy and Joyful Christmas!

The whiteness of snow and crystals, yellowy flickering candle flames, Santa’s red and the vibrant greens of pine leaves and mistletoe. The silvery and goldie sheen of ribbons, ornaments and gift wraps - and the bright colourful lights that blink and glisten all around the traditonal focus of every Christmas – the Christmas tree.

And there the sounds of tinkling and chiming bells, melodic carols, choral hymns and the jovial laughter and excitement of adults and children alike. Ahhh the the smell of Christmas pudding, roasted turkey, apple and cranberry sauce, spicey cakes and pies. The symbols of Christmas make it a very sensual experience so it is not surprising that this festival invokes thoughts and feelings of comfort and joy for so many worldwide. 

Whatever your belief system (religious or otherwise) this is a time when families and friends are re-united. When gifts along with hugs and wellwishes are exchanged and when every soul is given the opportunity to simply relax from the noise and bustle of ordinary life and to cherish the company of loved ones. Nevertheless spare a thought for the sick, the poor, the hungry and those who are alone and perhaps even homeless. Christmas (which is an abbreviation of ‘Christ Mass’) along with Saint Nicolaus, the star of David, the three wise men and the messages that are vocalised in many of those traditional Christmas songs point to the birth of the Messiah who Christians revere as God made flesh and who sacrificing himself for all became the saviour for many.

The teachings of the Christ are profoundly spiritual and corroborated in other major religious and spiritual traditions of the world. They therefore have universal spiritual appeal. To err is human but to forgive is divine. Do to others what you would want them to do to you. Love your neighbour as yourself. Forgive those who hurt and despise you and seek not the eye for an eye nor the tooth for a tooth. Be at peace with all people. From the heart be compelled to love even ‘thine enemies’ and to manifest the inner reality of Christmas through acts of kindness and compassion. Visit the sick, poor and imprisoned and give alms to the fatherless, the widowed and the orhpaned.

The virtues of Jesus Christ both in word and deed are a reminder to us all - irrespective of our personal beliefs and traditions - that Christmas is about grace and truth. Those words are a Biblical phrase associated with divine glory and while this word has lost so much of it's meaning in today's vernacular - its Hebraic sense is one of weighty substance and in the Greek 'doxa' it is related to light and brilliance. The lights and colours of Christmas might therefore remind us of that divine glory as characteristic traits just as it was manifested in the person of Christ and therefore by extension in those who are called to be his.  This Christmas let's make it an an opportunity to liberate ourselves and others through acts of kindness and forgiveness. Let us value the sacrifice of others and be prepared to reciprocate in kind. To be accepting always even in the face of adversity and to be prepared to exchange the hurtful opinions and actions of others with tolerance and respect. Surely these are what the symbols of Christmas ultimately point too – and when we honour that we effectively bring (at the very least) into our own small corner of the globe a token of the immensity in Love, unity and peace that characterises heaven.

May peace and joy abound this Christmas for you and those with whom you will share it. May you find gratitude in whatever blessings you have in life and may those who are less fortunate than you benefit from any acts of kindness and compassion you can give. Begin this all this first and foremost in your own homes and make this Christmas the time to give and forgive cheerfully so that you too might receive the richness and fulfillment of the spirit that surpasses all understanding.

FREE "3dom Christmas screensaver"

This screensaver captures the essential symbols of Christmas with dynamically generated animations accompanied by music. 

Play it on LCD monitors or in HDMI mode on a large TV to help create or engender the atmosphere of this festive ocassion at home, office or shop.


  • Classical Analogue Clock & Date display
  • Musically Synchronised Christmas tree lights
  • 3d Reflection & Rippling effects
  • Randomly generated Crystal particle effects
  • Free "Away with a Manger" instrumental MP3 music rendition by music artist Kyla.
  • Randomly generated Christmas quotes that capture the spirit and essence of this Festive ocassion.
  • Realife candle flames
  • Smooth Bacground fade transitions
Technical Specifications
  • Windows XP / Windows7 / Windows 8
  • System Type: 32/64 Bit
  • 4Gb Ram
  • 1GB free Hard disk
  • Pentium 800Mhz 32Bit
  • Colour Screen
  • esolution 1268(w) * 768(h)
  • Microsoft .net framework version 4 and upwards (for screensaver mode in Windows)

Download Free Christmas Saver Slider

Download the saver and see if it works for you. To install the program simply download the .exe file and then double click to launch from your browser or Windows desktop.  Follow the instructions in the installation program. Note the program requires .net framework to complete the installation otherwise it will quit.

Purchase Keycode
Buy a keycode which can entered into the setting program and get access to the Saver configuration settings so that you can:

  • Add your own MP3 songs
  • Add and remove your own text quotes. Ideal when you want to personalise it for friends and family.
  • Add and manage background images which you can import into the screensaver.

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